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We build and nurture communities of IT professionals, Small Businesses & Entrepreneurs, Investors and Women in Business through a range of content channels, including engaging websites, exciting live events, print and digital magazines and responsive newsletters. We are dedicated to providing our targeted communities with quality content that informs and educates them on industry issues and helps them make more intelligent buying decisions.

IT Professionals

The foundation of our community for IT professionals is Information Age, a highly-respected media brand serving the business-technology sector. With a prominent magazine that has been published for over 20 years and a leading website with one of the highest audiences of IT decisions makers, technology leaders trust Information Age for its high-quality content that helps inform their strategies and purchasing decisions. As new innovation continues to disrupt industries and drive business models, IT professionals turn to Information Age for sophisticated and intelligent insight into the technology trends and challenges impacting their companies. Meanwhile, Information Age gathers thousands of technology leaders each year at its popular live events – from intimate roundtable to large conferences and award ceremonies.

Small Businesses & Entrepreneurs

Our SME community is served by leading media brands as well as a series of newsletters, live events and other brand extensions. SmallBusiness.co.uk and GrowthBusiness.co.uk, and their weekly email bulletins, attract a large audience of small business owner-managers and entrepreneurs, who also participate in the UK’s flagship small business awards programme, the British Small Business Awards, and Europe’s most prominent gatherings of the entrepreneurial and VC community, Investor Allstars. Meanwhile, we have a long history of tracking small quoted companies through our award-winning AIM research, and the prestigious Grant Thornton Quoted Company Awards has celebrated the achievements of the UK’s 1,000+ quoted companies listed outside of the FTSE 350 for 14 years now.


Through What Investment and Growth Company Investor – both available via subscription magazines as well as popular websites and newsletters – we have two of the UK’s most revered resources for private investors, who turn to the content to help them make smarter decisions with their investable assets. Meanwhile, we also have a large audience of corporate finance professionals, who not only engage with the media brands and events that support our SME community, but are also served by Investor Allstars, one of Europe’s most prominent gatherings of the venture capital and entrepreneurial community, and the Grant Thornton Quoted Company Awards, which has gathered the City to celebrate the UK’s leading smaller companies for 14 years.

Women in Business

Since 2014, we have spearheaded a series of high-profile events and editorial initiatives designed to tackle the persistent gender imbalance that exists in industries around the world, both in terms of the disproportionate number of women through different career stages and unacceptable levels of unequal pay. We have made it a priority to cover diversity issues through editorial content in our market-leading magazines and websites – including promoting the implications of an unbalanced workforce and profiling successful women and corporate diversity programmes – and have launched a series of large-scale events that have made a global impact in developing the diversity cause.

Women in IT Awards USA22 MARCH 2018


The Women in IT Awards is the technology world’s most prominent and influential diversity program. Held for the last three years in London, the most recent event on 26 January 2017 was attended by over 1,000 business and tech leaders, making it the largest tech diversity event ever staged.

On 22 March 2018, the event will come to the US for the first time, taking place in one of the world’s most prominent business cities – New York – at the grand Gotham Hall in Manhattan.



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